After turning 70 on Friday, Nancy Pelosi headed to Glide Memorial Church in the Tenderloin on Sunday to celebrate the passage of a national health care bill. Praising the freshly-signed reform bill in an increasingly middle class-less city, CBS 5 reports that Pelosi explained to congregants that "passage of the legislation will make health care affordable for the middle class and will eventually provide coverage for millions of uninsured Americans."

Pelosi went on to note that the bill would create 4 millions new jobs. What's more, it would also allow people to feel more comfortable starting small businesses since it will remove fear of losing health benefits if one considers leaving a job.

Proving to to be the gargantuan feather in her cap, Pelosi was key in getting the bill passed after she helped persuade nuns to break "publicly with Roman Catholic bishops over the health care bill." The Speaker of the House plans on speaking again today at the San Francisco Senior Center.