While Saigon Sandwich has the unmitigated gall to increase the price of its Banh mi a whole quarter -- the nerve! -- some places keep the prices real. Very real. Take for example, Traci Des Jardin's accurately-lauded Hayes Valley joint, Jardinière. Which is a multi-layered mecca of calming and inspiring delights.

For those of you who have yet to check out the place -- and, mind you, between sips of PBR and pretending like you don't have a trustfund, you really should at some point during your time in San Francisco -- the restaurant offers reasonably priced prix fixe dinners on Mondays for a subjectively scant $45.

"For $45!," you feign disgust. "I can get two Coronas and a veggie Cheguevaraquixote burrito at La Canunistadorasalmahayek for two bucks!" Yeah, well, you can squelch your steamed, gloppy San Francisco burritos and pretentious attitude for one night. Because tonight (3/15) at Jardinière (whose tag line is "French fine-dining restaurant with Californian accents") you'll get:

"A Tasting of Riesling" -- Tonight's dinner will feature a selection of sparkling, off-dry and sweet Rieslings all selected by Dade Theriot of DeeVine Wines, San Francisco. Also: Chilled shellfish boudin, salad of Chantenay carrots and pea greens; Riesling gelée; loin of Berskhire pork, ragout of fennel and spring onions, and Tellicherry pepper jus Grans-Fassian; followed by an almond tart, (with elderflower honey ice cream and Riesling Gastrique Von Hövel, Riesling Auslese "Saar Scharzhofberg" Mosel, Germany 2006)

And, yes, to answer your question, that's a steal for a mere $45.

Next week's dinner, "Dinner Down Under - A Taste of Australian Wines," sounds just as impressive. Check out the menu here, or call 415-861-5555 to make a reservation.