Let's hear it for curling, huh? Every four years the world once again remembers, and simultaneously mocks and watches in awe as teams of men slide enormous rocks down the ice and frantically sweep a path in a kooky, stone-age-ish version of shuffleboard that only someone from a truly chilly nation could love.

This year's Olympic curling team from Norway decided to mix things up a bit and get a little attention for themselves via some brightly colored, harlequin-patterned pants. And wouldn't you know, CBS5 tracks down the makers of said pants (probably via a press release), who are none other than Sonoma-based Loudmouth pants. The company typically dresses golfers on the PGA tour, who are used to wearing silly pants, but now they've provided a kooky visual talking point for those staying up too late to watch the curling events. Watch a video about the pants here.