by Rachel Brodsky

Mmm boy, there's nothing like a plate of Jewish soul food. You've got your matzo-ball soup here, some chocolate babka there….don't lie: we know you goyim snuck into your Jewish friends' homes every Hanukkah as kids to sample the chocolate gelt and glazed donuts.

Luckily, you don't have to be one of the chosen people to attend Julie Seltzer's cooking demonstration in honor of Purim. Join Seltzer, a former baker at the Isabella Freedman Center, for a discussion linking soul food and scripture at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Seltzer's workshop will also include an informal Purim study, topped off with a hamentashen baking class. You know. The triangular cookies with fruit and/or chocolate filling. Yeah, enough said.

What: Food For Thought with Julie Seltzer
Where: Contemporary Jewish Museum (736 Mission St.)
When: Tuesday, February 23 (4-6pm)
How Much: $20-$25