Political columnist Melissa Griffin has first word that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will, indeed, run for Lt. Governor of California.

Griffin writes:

I just got the unofficial word that Mistermayor will be announcing a run for Lieutenant Governor. Probably tomorrow. (Like anything unofficial, this could be nonsense, but the source is a good one.) Like I wrote the other day, if he wins the Lt. Governorship (and at least one poll says he will) that means the Board of Supervisors gets to pick the next Mayor. That person would serve for at least four months, and up to one year - depending on when an election is scheduled to pick a replacement.

Newsom, if you recall, initially planned on being California's next Governor, a race he pulled out of in October. Earlier this year, he had hinted at going after the Lt. Governor's gig.

Griffin goes on to say that he might make the big announcement "probably tomorrow."

And now the big question remains: who will replace Newsom?

Update: Newsom, as of Feb. 16, says he's not announcing anything just yet.