The Solano County sherriff's office say there's been a 25% uptick in the number of permits for concealed weapons, following on a crime wave in Vallejo which has included the shooting of an ice cream truck driver and a crazed teen mob that attacked a city worker. (We also might take this moment to remind you of a little girl who was shot in bed last June.) As KCBS reports, there have been a large number of individuals and business hitting up gun stores and security firms in efforts to protect themselves against any potential threats. They talked to one Bill Morgan who owns a store called Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff in Vacaville, who's been getting a lot of calls from Vallejo.

The crime wave is being blamed now, in part, on Vallejo's miserable budget problems which have resulted in the layoffs of 12 police officers who were clearly VERY MUCH NEEDED to keep the peace.