Yes, it's the time again when Bay Area chefs, critics, and other artisan slop notables break their silence on what junk food they let pass over their acclaimed, richly-textured palates. Everything from aged (read: stale) Swedish Fish to Tombstone Pizza (mmm) to Rotel cheese dip (quadruple mmm) to Beard Papa cream puffs receive tips of the hat from the gastronomic elite. Many thanks goes out to the fine food folks who participated.

  • Thomas Keller (The French Laundry): "My favorite junk food is Reese's peanut butter cups."
  • Chris Cosentino (Incanto and Boccalone, executive chef): Swedish Fish - buys them by the bag, "then lets them sit out in the open to 'age.'"
  • Matthew Accarrino (SPQR, executive chef): "I got a box of these for xmas and they are so good. Crispy crepe covered in chocolate - what's not to like?"
  • Traci Des Jardins (Jardiniere, Manzanita, ACME Chophouse): "Nachos, but really good ones."
  • Ryan Farr (4505 Meats): "Not much makes me feel guilty, but I do feel pretty bad when my wife leaves the room and I eat her ice cream."
  • Jonathan Kauffman (SF Weekly, food critic): "Tombstone original pepperoni pizza. And I make no apologies for it."
  • Thomas McNaughton (Flour + Water, chef): "Jersey Pork Roll - which is basically pork scraps and all that stuff put together in a roll that is then prepped by frying, making a sandwich, etc."
  • Frankie Frankeny (Frankeny Images, food photographer): "Rotel cheese dip with REAL Velveeta cheese."
  • Jason Berthold (RN47, executive chef): Sour Patch Kids, Good and Plenty, Snickers Bars, and Cheez-Its.