by Rachel Brodsky

This again? OK, fine. Ahem:

In a way, boutique food carts provide a decent supplement to SF's thriving foodie scene--they're not too pricey, but their ample offerings are a drunk person's fantasy ride. Whether you're noshing on a hot dog with plentiful toppings of every color, or digging into your tenth late night burrito this week, no one can begrudge the street vendor for its convenience and sheer variety of cuisine.

But not all is fine and dandy behind the scenes of the street cart business. While the Mission is enjoying a new multitude of vendors like The Creme Brulee Guy and the Tamale Lady, not all carts hold licenses from the city. Some vendors are trying to make a buck after being laid off, but must fight the city's red tape and long list of puzzling regulations. Join La Cocina's Caleb Zigas and officials from the Department of Public Health this Tuesday at SPUR as they discuss the city's incoming boutique cart trends, and the many difficulties they face.

What: From Tamales to Creme Brulee: The Economics of Street Food
When: Tuesday, January 26 (6:00pm)
Where: SPUR
How Much: $20