On Saturday, former Beach Boy Brian Wilson performed an intimate concert at SF's Art Exchange to promote his new album, That Lucky Old Sun. As Allie Pape at 7x7 writes, "As was to be expected from a show by a rock icon with a hefty price tag, Saturday's crowd skewed to baby boomers, many of whom were obviously overjoyed to hear Wilson sing the beloved songs of their youth.

Wilson himself, clad in a flannel shirt and seated on a stool, cheerfully played through a set of hits, including "California Girls," "God Only Knows," "Surfin' U.S.A.," and "Help Me Rhonda." Perched on a stool, he left the instrumentation to his talented backing band, who contributed the elegant vocal harmonics for which Wilson is known... Wilson has obviously been impacted by his years of struggle with mental illness and drug addiction. He seemed tired during his set, and despite deafening cheers, the band didn't return for an encore." See the full review here.