by Amy Crocker

MUSIC: Self-proclaimed "flower punk" band The Black Lips bring their notorious stage show (vomiting, urinating, making out with each other, etc.) to the Great American Music Hall. But after seven years together, and concerts in more than 25 countries, they may have mellowed. They are 22 years-old now, after all.

9 p.m. // Great American Music Hall (859 O'Farrell) // $15

FILM/COMEDY: Get out your coconuts and ride on over to the Castro Theatre, where SF Sketchfest presents a 35th anniversary screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Monty Python’s Terry Jones will be there in conversation with Carl Arnheiter.

7:00pm // Castro Theatre (429 Castro) // $20

DANCE: Presumably named for that one song that makes your shoulders shake whether you want to or not, "Electric Feel," the indie music dance party debuts tonight. And for a bright, dizzying effect, DJ Blondie and DJ subOctave will play music videos along with the songs.

9 p.m. // The Lookout (3600 16th Street) // $2