Blowhard bully mama and bad citizen Meg Whitman announced today that she's dumping 20 million more of her hard earned American dollars into her run for Governor of the Great State of California. This brings her campaign fund total up to a not-so-shabby $39 million. This is potentially bad news for her competitor for the Republican nomination, Poison Steve Poizner, as his campaign is basically in the poor house with a mere $19 million in funds and a major lag in the polls. A third Republican, Tom Campbell, dropped out of the race last week to run for U.S. Senate, citing Whitman's piles of cash as a major contributing factor in his decision.

Oh dear. We may have ten months to go before the Republican primary, but it's looking more and more like La Whitman will be taking on Jerry Brown at the polls. Gross! Though, this should be loads of fun.