We could source any number of media outlets who've reported on it already, but let's give SFist's wildly insightful commenters a chance.

Commenter SFHope, who went to yesterday's SF MTA meeting regarding, among other things, raising the price of the F-Market, was there.

So I went there...

...the reaction to the $5 F Market plan was almost universally negative, including from the board members. I don't think it's going to happen.

One person, a cab driver, said he was totally in favor of them raising it because it meant the tourists will stop riding Muni and will take his cab instead. I think he was being honest, but he was also making a tongue-in-cheek point that it was a bad idea.

So, good for you, SF MTA board members. You are not "potentially horrible human beings." You're just human. For now.

However, SFHope goes on to point out:

They really seem to be dragging their feet on meter extensions and taking another shot at congestion pricing.