The MTA is proposing cuts to every Muni line in an effort to close a plus-sized $16.9 million budget gap. What's more, and you might want to grab a nearby trashcan to use as a makeshift airsick bag before you read this, they're proposing a jarring fee hike to ride the USEFUL and CONVENIENT historic streetcars that zip along Market Street

Streetsblog reports:

The rest of the $16.9 million gap would be made up with a package of changes that includes a $3 increase to F-Line historic streetcar cash fares, new requirements for express bus and cable car riders to use a premium $70 monthly pass instead of the cheaper $60 pass, increases in discount pass prices to $30, and an increase in the residential parking permit fee from $96 from $76. The agency is also hoping for labor concessions that could save $10 million annually and $700,000 this budget year, which would also include changes to work rules.


Read more about the MTA's proposed budget cuts. And then, feel free to have a good, long cry.