We love us some Leslie Sbrocco, the host of Check Please! Bay Area. She looks like someone with whom we would want to get drunk. Maybe that's because she's an award-winning author and wine expert, one who seamlessly leads the discussion between foodies on each episode of Check Please! Bay Area.

What is Check Please! Bay Area? Well, it's a show where three Bay Area types visit three Bay Area restaurants, and then come to the KQED studios to sip wine and discuss their meal experiences, good or bad.

And they're looking for new reviewers. Might you be one of them? The three revolving talking heads usually consist of these types:

  • Smug man who prattles on about how his vegetables weren't crisp enough, then makes a cringe-worthy bacon-is-awesome joke
  • Grandma from Walnut Creek who thought the tuna tartar in a martini glass was too cute for words
  • Drunk vegetarian lesbian

And we wouldn't want it any other way. Really, the show is a great watch. And we look forward to this coming season. So, you should apply today to appear on the program. Fill out an application here. (Note: KQED foots the bill for the food, not the booze.)