Over the weekend, a man on the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention's "do not board" list, with a steaming case of tuberculosis, managed to fly from Philadelphia to SFO. Should his fellow passengers be worried? Not so, says US Airways spokesman Morgan Durant.

"We're pleased to hear from CDC that there is little to no risk of exposure on flights less than eight hours," Durant told KCBS. "The flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco is a little bit less than six hours."

Hmm. We recommend mainlining a few Emergen-Cs for good measure.

Anyway, federal health and aviation security officials are currently investigating how he managed to board the plane. After the unidentified man was already en route, CDC officials discovered he was on the plane. Oops. San Mateo County health officials met him at SFO, isolated him, and whisked him off to a nearby hospital.