The artisan-ization of Dolores Park continues unabated with this groovy taco truck (note the solar panels on the roof), which wants you to sign some sort of petition to have a "demonstration fruit/vegetable/herb garden" installed in Dolores Park (free smoothies for those who help create it!), as well as create some sort of floweriness called "sustainable consciousness."

Which: why the heck not? If City Hall can have a Alice Waters-approved garden, we see no reason why Dolores Park couldn't sprout some parsley, sage, rosemary and/or thyme. (Preferably thyme, the superior herb.)

Heck, why stop there? There's more than enough room to raise some free-range chickens for a new slaughterhouse. Maybe a few pigs, too. Some cows might be nice.

Read the plea after the jump.