A little before 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, according to USGS, an earthquake of a 6.4/6.5 magnitude "struck 15 miles SW of Eureka at 4:28 p.m." This, folks, is an above average one, coming on the heels of two small quakes that slightly rattled the Bay Area on Thursday and Friday.

Twitter is, understandably, on fire right now:

Old Glory Radio
: "People outside homes in myrtletown [in Humbolt], afraid to enter homes, some rocked , make that jumped up off foundations."

Old Glory Radio: "Major earthquake Eureka Ca. Houses jumping off foundations. No info, local radio tv out. Sirens everywhere."

The shaker was felt as far as Lake Tahoe. Some folks in San Francisco claim to have felt it, too. Andrew Warren updates, "Felt for about 20 seconds in SF."

Did you feel it?