One of the few food items that keeps us from taking the Nestea plunge off the Golden Gate Bridge, a basket of fried pickles at Bender's might be a thing of the past. (We even claimed it as the best meal of 2008!) According to Eater, Weird Fish, which operates a satellite location at the Mission bar, is moving out. No word yet as to why or whether it will come back.

Bender's,however, plans to replace the menu with the enemy of thin: meat and potatoes. "Per the Bender's, they're working on a new food program that includes, among amenities: sausages, grilled sandwiches and, er, potatoes," Lucchesi reports.

Popular a year ago with many geeky online types, before journo students and Tecate drinkers staged a near fatal coup, the bar and the food were a perfect match. We hope Weird Fish makes a return, possible to a SOMA bar.