by Rachel Brodsky

When it gets cold outside, there are a few activities in which to engage. You could A) go coat shopping, B) stock up on soup and spirits, C) never leave the house and stand in front of the heater, or D) go to the movies.

So, we'd recommend curling up at the Silent Film Festival, taking place this Saturday at the Castro Theatre. The festival will be screening five feature films made back when live orchestras filled in the soundtrack and expressionism was all the rage. For the slim price of $14, you can experience the 1927 documentary Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness, Merian C. Cooper's classic King Kong, the World War I story of J'accuse!, 1924's Sherlock Jr., and Tod Browning's West of Zanzibar.

What: The San Francisco Silent Film Festival Winter Event
Where: The Castro Theater
When: Saturday, December 12 (11:30am, 2pm, 5:15pm, 7pm & 9:15pm)
How Much: $14