Oh wow.

Do you like wine? Do you like being tied up in a sexually-charged manner? Who doesn't. Which is why the ladies, if you will, of Femina Potens (a public arts programs "explor[ing] the experiences of queer, women, transgender people and others living outside the female-male gender binary") are having a S&M/wine event in January. "A Taste of Rope - Rope and Wine Tasting" is billed as "an erotic wine tasting and rope testing," featuring some of California's most tasty Zinfandels and the world’s finest rope restraints.

While dominants can enjoy wines out of fancy goblets, submissives will be blindfolded (which, we're told, enhances the taste of the wine and the bite of the rope) and forced to lap up their wine from a dog bowl on the floor.


Dress for the evening is "fetish, formal, lingerie, or nudity." So, you know, wear whatever you want. Or not.

What: A Taste of Rope - Rope and Wine Tasting
Where: Femina Potens (2199 Market)
When: January 23, 8 p.m.
Cost: Basic singles ticket: $50 includes wine tasting and rope tasting for you; deluxe singles ticket: $75 includes the above and entitles you to a submissive provided for the evening as a rope demo bottom and attendant; basic couples ticket: $50 includes admission, wine tasting for you and your submissive, and rope tasting; and deluxe couples ticket: $75 includes all of the above in addition to souvenir dog bowl and blindfold. (That souvenir dog bowl is a must.)