With Xmas swiftly approaching, we could all use a drink. And in our quest for seasonal libations, SFist brings you this holiday spin on sangria from H. Joseph Ehrmann at Elixir. In his own words:

Cherry and bourbon are a natural pairing for me, and I found that this Night Harvest Merlot, with delicious cherry flavors and slight oak to it, was the perfect base for a riff on a classic Sangaree (read about the differences between Sangaree and sangria here). I decided to cut the drink with bourbon, and the lemon brightens the drink and makes it surprisingly refreshing and light, while the nutmeg provides a wonderful nose on every sip and creates a tie to the holidays.
The Yuletide Moon

4 pitted bing cherries
0.25 oz of simple syrup (when fresh cherries are not in season, substitute quality
marinated cherries like Marascas from Luxardo or Morellos from Trader Joes, and do not use simple syrup)
1.5oz Night Harvest Merlot (or other cherry-dominant wine)
1 oz bourbon
1 fresh lemon wheel
fresh nutmeg to grind

In a mixing glass, muddle the cherries (if no pitter, just remove pits after muddling). Add simple syrup, merlot, bourbon and lemon slice. Top with ice to 2/3 full and shake lightly.
Empty entire contents into an Old Fashioned glass. Top with grated nutmeg to garnish.