...and farewell, 4-Sutter, 7-Haight, and 20-Columbus. You were hardly friends, mere acquaintances perhaps, but your presence was always appreciated. 53-Southern Heights and 89-Laguna Honda, we barely knew thee, but rest in peace.

This weekend Muni will be putting a bullet in the head of all 6 of these bus lines, and we're certain there are more than a few of you out there who are sad and/or angry about this. These service changes come as a result of data that shows low ridership on all these routes, as well as many available alternative buses in each case. A budget shortfall at Muni may be said to be to blame now, but talk of killing lines like the 26-Valencia goes back quite a while.

Additionally, the N line will stop at Embarcadero on weekends now, with only the T continuing on toward the ballpark, and segments of many other bus lines will be eliminated as well -- you'll recall those bus shelters being taken away along the 21-Hayes and elsewhere. Certain other bus lines with high ridership will be increasing in frequency, but we'll want to see that to believe it. Scan the full set of service changes here.