Adding insult to tragedy, and making us curse this coarse and immoral world we live in, the home of the Maloney family -- who were killed this weekend in that fatal collision with the MINI Cooper in Sonoma -- was broken into early Tuesday and robbed by two asswipes who proceeded to drive the family's Nissan 350Z to rural San Mateo County and try to use a stolen credit card to shop. The asswipes in question are Amber True and her boyfriend Michael Gutierrez, and they are currently being held in Sonoma County jail on $500,000 bail.

We may have remarked that the deceased MINI Cooper driver responsible for Saturday's terrible accident, 19-year-old Steven Culbertson, was a dumb kid who acted recklessly. But somehow we now find ourselves wanting to use a stronger word, STOOPID or ASININE perhaps, to describe these criminals who watched the news, saw that an entire family was killed, and decided that robbing their house was going to be a piece of cake -- especially the credit card part. For god's sake, thieves... if you're going to be despicable, don't insult us further with your idiocy.

As a side note in re: our favorite Mood Meter, 35% of NBC Bay Area readers are currently "thrilled" with this story. At least no one's bored!