Here at right is the dumb, now dead kid who is responsible for the vehicular manslaughter of that family of four on their way home from a Thanksgiving vacation on Saturday. It turns out, like many teens, 19-year-old Steven Culbertson of Lake County had a previous crash on his record, and a DUI caused his license to be suspended two years back, when he was 17. Many commenters have noted that this case calls to question things like installing parental speed controls in cars, and whether teens, regardless of their status as adults at age 18, should even be allowed to drive cars. Obviously, this is just a sad, sad situation, and a tragedy, and short of shackling all rebellious teens in basements we're not sure that there is a broad, generalized solution that would have avoided this. But yes, perhaps this particular nineteen-year-old was not yet enough of a grown-up to have his own car -- and that intersection at Hwy 37 and Lakeville Hwy probably needs to be re-engineered.