Yesterday, if you recall, an employee of Bellissimo Pizza in Nob Hill was stabbed to death. Police arrested Maryam Achekzai, the woman they suspect of killing 38-year-old Lassaad Bokri.

Back in 2006, however, Achekzai was arrested in a series of brutal armed robberies in Newark and Fremont. During one attempted robbery at the NewPark Mall, Achekzai held a knife to a woman "who was loading groceries into her car." The Oakland Tribune reported that "[t]he victim refused to let go as Achekzai reportedly punched her several times and screamed, 'Let go of the bag, you (expletive).'"

SF Chronicle notes that "Achekzai pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in state prison." She was paroled in June 2008.

Back to yesterday's murder, it's being reported that Achekzai didn't know Bokri, but she did ask him for water a few minutes before the attack. After (allegedly) stabbing the pizza employee, "Achekzai ran away and witnesses to the stabbing followed her. She flagged down a passing motorist and asked for a ride, telling the driver she was being threatened." Shortly after getting into the car, a police car pulled the vehicle over and arrested Achekzai.