by Daisy Barringer

There are two things in this world that give me anxiety: Missing kickoff and running out of wine. The former is the cause of year-round, wake up in a full-blown panic, nightmares. The latter… well, let’s be honest; I never let that happen. Seriously though, some people dream about being back at high school completely naked, I dream about being late to 49ers games or missing them completely. I know. Sounds awful, right? And yet my stingy doctor at Kaiser refuses to give me a prescription for Klonopin and instead recommends yoga. Oh, San Francisco. Always living up to your reputation…

So, when I missed kickoff this Sunday because I spent fifteen minutes driving in circles looking for parking, I knew my day was off to a bad start. (Aside: here’s the thing about looking for parking that kills me. You have ZERO control over the situation. You’re completely at the mercy of other human beings. It is the most frustrating thing in the world. And yes, I get that I should be in therapy. And I would be. If I thought that then someone would give me drugs.)

Anyway, back to the issue at hand which is not my desire to have a mild drug habit, but rather, the lack of parking combined with the fact that I showed up to a cash-only bar without 1. Cash or 2. My debit card. At this point, a mere three paragraphs in with hardly a mention of yesterday’s game, you can probably see where the post is going, so I’ll do us both a favor and get it over with.

The 49ers lost to the Green Bay Packers, 30-24. And in case you missed the game, let me tell you, the score does not reflect the poor performance of the Niners. We were trailing 23-3 at the end of the first half (Alex Smith went 3-7 passing for 5 yards; I know, Five Whole Yards!) and Aaron Rodgers had 274 yards and two touchdowns. Sure, Alex Smith brought us back in the second half, but… blah blah blah blah I am so over it. We suck.