Much to our delight, La Bauer didn't put truffles on his list of things he'd like to see banished from Bay Aera menus. Then again, truffles are a seasonal delight. And people who allege to be totally over of truffles are either damned liars or use $100 bills to wipe themselves after using the toilet.

Fecal humor aside, truffle season is here. But where can one get these odorific treats, you ask? Well, Far West Fungi in the Ferry Building is a good place to start. Right now they have Oregon whites ($12.50/oz), Oregon blacks ($25/oz), and Italian Alba white truffles ($237.50/oz).

If you can't make it to the Ferry Building, Deflina (3621 18th Street) is selling them as well. Their Facebook page asks you to "[c]ome on down...truffles are still a flowin' all night long! $38 for 5 grams!"