A crane operated by a company called (get this) Reliable Crane and Rigging dropped a 120-foot, 50-ton crane boom onto a house in Santa Rosa yesterday, splitting it in half and sparing only the Halloween pumpkin which sat unscathed on the porch railing. Another crane had to come to lift the first crane off the house. Neither the homeowners Michelle and Kevin McCarthy nor their children were home at the time and no one was injured. But yeah, kind of a bummer!

We have to say we *love* the waxings poetic of ABC 7 news reporter Wayne Freedman in the clip above. He refers first to the "crane collapse heard 'round the Bay Area" (we didn't hear it), and then he uses the rather Shakespearean "a house newly divided" to describe the halved home. And we love how he begins the segment with the sentence, "Few sights in life are as stirring as the silhouette of a crane against the sky." You go, Wayne. Elevate this local-interest piece to the level of the Bard, man.