Muni service on the K, L, M and T lines through the Twin Peaks Tunnel was restored tonight at around 7:15 p.m., however shuttle buses continued to run in order to maintain "regular service." The system-wide delays (despite the fact that not all trains need that tunnel) related to a damaged antenna that was caused by this morning's derailed train, which affected the oft-troubled, automated train system, thus crippling the entire city. Meanwhile, N-line service will be interrupted again this weekend by track improvements which may or may not be done by Monday morning. ALSO, the L-train derailment happened in the exact spot of a similar 2006 derailment, which was allegedly fixed. Says Sunset district resident Mike Casey, as quoted on SF Gate, the process of diverting commuter traffic into shuttles at Castro station went relatively smoothly. "But," he says, "they've got to fix the underground." Yah. Understatement.