The expanding War on Fun has taken another life, ladies and germs. Marke B. over at the SFBG reports that punk-politico drag queen Anna Conda has decided to call it quits on her weekly Friday party Charlie Horse at the Cinch after complaining Polk Street neighbors brought the bar before the Entertainment Commission. Rather than "take a break" and try to tone down the often raucous drag night (where it was likely the noisy smoking porch out back and the spillover out front that brought the complaints) Anna has decided to put a bullet in the head of this five-year-old party and pursue other ventures.

It's possible she's just tired (like Heklina was when she ended Trannyshack after twelve straight years as a weekly), and saw this as a good excuse to move on. But Anna took this opportunity for some fightin words against Marina yuppies, many of whom liked to crash the upper-Polk party in groups, not understanding that this particular drag show wasn't all that bachelorette-friendly: