Yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting was, by all accounts, highly entertaining. Then again, anything involving the bizarre practice of life coaching is always something to behold. You see, Gavin Newsom, while running for governor of California, hired himself a life coach or "corporate facilitator."

What's a life coach? Glad you asked. Life coaches were the focus of the much-missed NBC daytime soap-ish reality show Starting Over. This is a life coach. They help move your life forward, to attain success, to reach the next rung on the ladder of life, and other feel good shit. They also make you cry. A lot. Life coaches are wildly entertaining, albeit sometimes damaged, creatures.

It is rumored that the San Francisco Mayor spent little time with anyone else other than his life coach during the last few days of his gubernatorial bid. Said life coach also might have accompanied Newsom to Hawaii last week, where the mayor escaped after bowing out of the race.

Anyway, at yesterday's BOS meeter, Supervisor\ Chris Daly asked the city controller to look into whether or not city funds were used to pay Newsom's life coach. Newsom’s spokesman Nathan Ballard shot back at Daly, calling it a "pointless" investigation.

Ballad, however, then went a bit too far telling City Insider that ''the city's taxpayers should demand repayment for its cost from Daly's trust fund.'' Which: come on, Nate. Daly's request to know how the dude got paid wasn't out of line

Later in the day, Daly (awesomely) shot back on his Facebook page, saying, "Nate Ballard is pointless." (Chris Daly, we should point out, does not have a trust fund. Alas.)

We'll update you as soon as we find out from where the funds came, and more on this mysterious life coach.