The Board of Supervisors will be casting votes today on whether to override Mayor Newsom's veto of Supervisor David Campos's legislation amending the City's sanctuary law. As you may recall, the legislation approved by the BOS protects illegal hooligan youth who've been arrested for allegedly committing crime in the streets, from being unduly reported to the feds by city employees prior to actual conviction.

For his part, Newsom reportedly plans to ignore the BOS as his office believes the legislation violates a 1996 federal law that prevents local governments from forcing their employees to keep mum on the immigration status of aliens in their custody. City Attorney Dennis Herrera warns that federal courts may not only strike down the new legislation, but toss out the sanctuary law entirely. All we need is some Linda Tripp looking city employee with an axe to grind to report some freshly rounded up teenaged illegals to find out what will happen.

The BOS meets at 2:00 this afternoon. More details as they become available.

UPDATE: The BOS have voted to override Newsom's veto, 8 to 3. Supervisors Chu, Elsbernd, and Alioto-Pier voted against the override