We feel compelled to update you on Edward Wycoff, the Sacramento County truck driver who killed his sister and brother-in-law, Paul and Julie Rogers, in their El Cerrito home in 2006 because they had "screwed up" his family. The completely batshit insane, lawyer-hating, egomaniacal bigot, who was somehow allowed to represent himself at trial despite the fact that he obviously has a personality disorder of some kind and might be legally insane, was convicted last week of first-degree murder. He threatened, you see, to "blow up the Public Defender's Office" if they didn't get off his case. Jurors yesterday recommended the death penalty in the case, despite the fact that the victims' son spoke on behalf of the family to say that they did not condone the death penalty (the son actually fought for an insanity plea for his uncle).

According to The Oakland Tribune
, Wycoff reads at a sixth grade level and kept books around the house like The Vigilante's Handbook and Techniques of a Silent Killer. He had killed at least 17 cats in his neighborhood in order to "protect other wildlife," and he said openly that he "could have been a serial killer" if it weren't his "good morals."