Scott James of NYT Bay Area did something a bit crafty. He perched a camera at Duboce and Steiner, capturing cars and cyclists during their morning commutes. While not the busiest or most dangerous intersection in San Francisco, it is, as James points out, a complex one where "cars, pedestrians, cyclists and the MUNI N-Line all converge."

During the speedy video (40 minutes condensed to 8), "7 cyclists come to a complete stop, 15 cyclists pause at a stop sign before continuing and 91 cyclists blow through the intersection." Goodness, that sounds rather dangerous.

It should also be noted that several vehicles performed "California rolls," which is when drivers don't come to a complete stop. Which, of course, is perfectly fine. (This is California. Let's not get crazy, folks.)

In happier cycling news, Sunny Angulo made this VidSF film about last week's Halloween's Critical Mass ride. Enjoy.

(Video: TimesSF)