Sad news, Golden Girls fans. Rue McClanahan (AKA Blanche Devereaux) canceled her November 14 tribute at the Castro Theatre. The actress, it seems, is laid up in the hospital over an ailing heart.

"My darlings, I'm just devastated that I am going to have to miss my own tribute at the Castro Theatre," McClanahan said today from her hospital room. "Unfortunately, my doctor has laid down the law, and I'm currently having some maintenance on the old ticker. Trust me, I'd much rather be in San Francisco having fun and being adored by all of you."

Refunds can made via ticket vendors, or call 415 863-0611 for more information.

The show's producer, Marc Heustis, says, "Our collective hearts go out to Ms. McClanahan for a speedy recovery," while going on to suggest "the possibility of the event being rescheduled sometimes in the future."

The gala event was supposed to feature career clip reel, sing-along to the theme from The Golden Girls, a GG look-a-like contest, and hostess merriment with tranny superstar Heklina.