While everyone and their pet goldfish thinks they're the only ones to have predicted that SF Mayor Gavin Newsom would withdraw his bid for California governor -- in related news, we predict you will have a bowel movement within the next 24 hours! -- this has been ancient watercooler talk for months. Why, just last week, if you recall, Newsom not only denied but chided reporters for having the gall to question him about it.

"You [reporters] have to put to rest the absurdity," Newsom said at an unrelated event [last week], reports the Examiner. "It’s Jerry Brown who is putting those rumors out, and you guys shouldn’t be taking the bait on that."

So, does this mean Newsom will instead run for lieutenant governor on Brown's ticket, the other absurd rumor he denied that turned out to be true? We shall see. He's dying to get out of San Francisco one way or another, so this wouldn't be too far off. Take the bait, Gav.