Apparently Mayor Newsom left Proposition D sponsor David Addington a voicemail Thursday, officially enthusing his support for the controversial Proposition D, which would allow for 500 square foot electronic billboards to be plastered over every available surface on Market Street between 5th and 7th Streets.

A majority of the ad revenue generated by the sale of advertising space on the signs will go straight into the pockets of Mid-Market building owners, with a chunk of the proceeds going to help the downtrodden, Keane eyed children of the immediate neighborhood.

Newcomer Addington is reportedly "pleased" by the Mayor's last minute support (Election Day is five days away, boys and girls), though the Chronicle was quick to point out that no one gives two rat turds about Newsom's endorsements Newsom "has notoriously short coattails and has trouble seeing his picks gain favor among voters."