Pulled from the Glen Park Parents Board mailing list, we came across this urgent plea for help. See, the recently opened Whole Foods is hurting small meat business Drewes Brothers Meats, located in Upper Noe Valley at 1706 Church. (If you don't know Drewes Brothers, you don't know meat; and if you don't know meat, may God have mercy on your soul.)

A member from Glen Park Parents, who goes by the name of "Spring," says:

For those of us who eat meat and live in Upper Noe Valley, I want to let you know about the plight of Drew's Bros Butchers. They have been decimated in the past three weeks by the opening of Whole Foods. They have had to cut back on staff hours and things are not looking good. While I am highly supportive of Whole Foods as a good addition to the neighborhood, (I really think we needed a grocery store in our neighborhood and...I am from Austin, although I am appalled at the founder's stance on healthcare), I hate to see that come at the expense of a SF institution like Drews.

Did you know that they have been in SF for over a 100 years!!!?? They carry a wider variety of grass fed meets, local eggs, milk etc. Anyway, if you are a current fan of Drew's, please try to still support them, otherwise, we may lose one of the last real butchers in this city! It's cliche, but unfortunately true, "use it or lose it."

As many of you know, finding a good butcher is hard. To say the least. And while Whole Foods has a great butchery staff (say, unlike Safeway, where a simple question as to why a piece of Chateaubriand is marked down so low will get your the stink eye), the fine folks at Drewes, like their meat and poultry, are second to none.