Last week, we brought your attention to the sale of this 1984 articulated 60-ft MAN bus, once used by Muni to carry passengers around the city back in the day. With a vehicle of such girth and length and reputation, we assumed no one would bid on the monstrosity.

We were wrong.

Blinktag, a local web design/city planning firm in San Francisco, bought the bus for $3,2500 after a total of 11 bids.

Claiming it was worth every penny, Blinktag beamed over the buy. "What’s even sweeter is that we figured every hipster with $10,000 bucks would have bid on this guy, thanks to SFist. But I guess the down economy has come to our rescue once again," they said. "Burning Man, here we come. (We’ll probably pull this to South By Southwest too, depending on its roadworthyness)."

Congrats on the big, new bus, guys. Good luck finding a parking spot for the thing.