Over at CAV on Friday night -- right next to Cafe Zuni -- Justin of JustInSoma and his girlfriend, Stephanie, were looking for a little wine, food, and relaxation. They got two out of three. While visiting the esteemed wine bar, Stephanie was robbed of her wallet and iPhone. Within 45 minutes, the thieving duo used her cash and cards to purchase $500 worth of groceries at Safeway, $40 worth rental DVDs from the Safeway kiosk, and $700 worth of clothing from Old Navy.

Justin Watt tells SFist "I've drawn a very rough sketch of the pair with a description of their technique which I thought your readers might appreciate---both to protect themselves and to be on the look out."

He goes on to tell us that the staff at CAV reacted with sympathy and concern. "The guy behind the bar at CAV was totally awesome," said Justin. "He called the cops, comped us dessert and a round of drinks, gave us the use of his phone and telephone book so we could frantically cancel the cards."

Eater also picked up the story, so this tall-small duo had better watch their zoot suits and size-14 heels if they know what's good for them. If you know anything about these two, call the San Francisco police at 415-553-1141 and leave a message for officer C. Leung (x12281) regarding case #091094361.