DNA Lounge owner and LiveJournaler jwz went riding the other day with his pal netik on Harrison Street. Things did not go well.

He explains:

Monday around 6pm, netik and I were biking West on Harrison on the right side when a car passed me on the left, within a few inches. I had enough time to think, "Hey, that was close", look forward, and yell "Look out!" before the car's mirror hit [info]netik's handle bar from behind and sent him tumbling. The guy kept driving. I chased after the car, pulled up to his window and said, "Hey! You just hit that guy!" He look at me and said, in a calm deadpan, "Really? That's just terrible." And then he drove off.

Ugh. That's terrible.

Anyway, jwz has more about the incident over on his site, including a quickly-snapped image of the driver's license plate number. We look forward to hearing what, if anything, will happen to this piece-of-used-toilet-paper driver masquerading as a human being. Really, who does that? Awful.