If you see local photog of note Troy Holden (formerly Plug1) walking around the streets of San Francisco with his camera, you might be $2 richer. He's started something called The $2 Portrait Project. In his words, he explains just what it is:

This portrait is part of a project called "$2 Portraits." The idea is that anyone who asks me for change, I will give them $2 in exchange for a portrait. While shooting, I will ask them a few questions in hopes of getting to know them better.

Last month I met photographers Greenkozi and Stuart Dixon for a Friday photowalk up Market Street. We met at Schroeder's German Pub, and after a liter or two -- headed out to make some photos.

As we neared the intersection of Market/Post/Montgomery, I noticed Willie from the corner of my eye. Willie had two tables set up and was selling items ranging from the King James edition of The Bible to pro/anti Obama buttons.