Two days before President Barack Obama touched ground in San Francisco, an indictment was issued against John Gimbel, 59, of Crescent City, accused of threatening to kill the President in an electronic message sent to an unidentified recipient.

Part of Gimbel's sanity-estranged email, according to SF Chron read, "'Kill that ... wife of yours .. Do it to his children and family first in front of him. Failure to comply. That'll teach him.'" Then he rambled on about "fed shit" as well. (Death threats against Obama [or anyone who appears slightly to the left] are commonplace nowadays. This is very little to do with anguish about healthcare reform or economic woes than it does with a black man being in the Oval Office. Period. We digress.)

But, like most angry tough guys on the internets, Gimbel wasn't the most lucid man to begin with. The Chron goes on to report of an incident a few years prior when, in an email, he asked Crescent City residents to "[g]rab those hi-powered deer rifles, each and every, and get in groups of 50 and more and go breeze away to dust the skull of the police chief." This was over a $5 parking ticket. Charming.