Ever since lasts week's Muni bus brawl went "viral" -- a term MSM adores using repeatedly; speaking of which, a few news anchors have been using the term "cat fight" to describe the female fight, which, really? -- the clip has scored, as of Monday morning, well over a half million views. The video is disgusting yet enthralling.

SFist talked to Jonathan Perel, the passenger who managed to capture the fight on his phone. We asked Perel about what happened right after the fight, why he decided to post the brutal scene on the interwebs, and to tell us a bit about his own personal experience with violence on Muni.

SFist: Hello there. Thanks for answering a few of our questions. First off, would you tell us where you were going that day and at what time?

JP: Going to work. I live in North Beach and take the 9x/30/45 lines from Stockton and Columbus to Post and Stockton (Union Square) every day to get to work. I usually arrive at work at 9 or 10 AM.

SF: Obviously, you take these lines often?

JP: Weekdays. Any of those three lines.

SF: Before we dive into the fistfight of note, you mentioned to us that you were attacked while riding the same bus route three weeks ago. What happened to you?