While San Franciscans lose their righteous marbles over whether or not to extend parking meter hours, Oakland has pushed back parking enforcement from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m. Why? Because it's bad for local businesses. See, very much like San Francisco, not everyone rides bikes or takes public transportation. Yes, while it's not very save-the-planet-y, many families, ilk with disposable income, and people who bleed when you cut them drive motorized vehicles. And those people like to go out to buy stuff, eat at restaurants, and attend various entertainment venues after work.

See, after Oakland extended parking meter hours in July of this year, business owners were none too thrilled. Allen Michaan, who owns the Grand Lake Theatre, told KCBS, "I thought things were getting better, but then this came along, and you basically shattered my business, and that of others around town." So, Oakland nixed the extended hour enforcement.

To try to make up for the revenue loss (estimated to be around $900,000), Oakland plans to do... something. Something soon. They're not exactly sure yet. According to SF Chron "the city says it can recoup the [near] $1 million lost by the meter rollback by adding 250 more meters, opening city garages at night, allowing more billboards and other steps."

In the meantime, higher meter rates and higher fines for parking tickets remain in effect.