Apparently not all S-curves are a good thing. Ye olde Chronicle reported today that "the drive time from San Francisco to Oakland during the evening commute has taken 57 percent longer, on average, than it did a year ago." And what's to blame, you ask? Why, the new s-curve, of course.

For example, a car trip from I-80 at the Fourth Street ramp in San Francisco going to the MacArthur Maze in Oakland, The Chron goes on to report, "took 10 minutes on the Wednesday after Labor Day in 2008 and 17 minutes for the same trip this year." Motorists still not accustomed to the S-curve, which was installed over this year's Labor Day weekend, are partially at fault as well. And, so are, like, physics and laws of nature and stuff. Or whatever. Anyway, drivers are hitting their brakes more often. Which, it seems, was all part of the evil plan.

Over at SFist HQ, located next to the bridge overpass in SOMA, we can confirm that the bridge is way more congested as of late. Also, please stop staring inside our windows and honking, creepy drivers.