While some Valencia Street merchants and Geary Boulevard business owners would have you believe that San Francisco is a bastion of overpriced boutique stores and inaccessibility, respectively, most of you are too smart to believe such tripe. A city is, arguably, meant to grow. Onward and upward, right? Right.

But sometimes our heart strings don't zing when said growth means the death of a cool-looking building. One building of bitchin' aesthetic that will soon play host to a demolition crew is the Cala Foods in Nob Hill.

According to Curbed, Cala will be "replaced by six to eight stories of 107 condos with ground-floor retail, including a new grocery store." However, the loss of this neato building might not be bad, at least not for residents who live nearby. SFist Leanne tells us, "It's gross, especially when I saw a pigeon hanging out over the produce."

In the meantime, after the supermarket closes on December 31, 2010, residents who rely on Cala Foods Nob Hill can go to Polk Street Produce at Polk and Pine, Le Beau at Leavenworth and Clay, or the pricier Whole Foods on California.

The new complex should, according to guesstimates, be done by 2012.

Altered image credit: Whole Wheat Toast