In our continuing will-we-live-or-will-we-die H1N1 (swine) flu coverage, we just got word that Mayor Gavin Newsom is handing out free H1N1 shots. According to the Mayor's Office, "San Francisco will be organizing free H1N1 (swine) flu clinics throughout the City and County of San Francisco, utilizing a combination of public schools, private schools and community centers." The first shipment of the vaccine, 100,000 doses, will arrive in late October. "This initial shipment will be available first to those in groups who are at highest risk for more severe disease. But eventually, everyone who wants protection from H1N1 will be able to get it," said Newsom. Those at high risk are "pregnant women, children 6 months to age 24, care givers of children younger than 6 months and emergency responders and health care workers." Go here for more information.