One of our discoveries at this past weekend's Eat Real Fest was a new art/collage magazine called Food+Sex. Publisher Mark Andrew Gravel was on hand selling copies on Saturday at Jack London Square, and we couldn't help but be curious -- food and sex being two of our (and everyone's) favorite things. The editors describe the mag thusly: "Collage art food magazine, Food + Sex, is a combined effort of artists, writers, farmers and foodmakers exploring how desire shapes the food environment... Included in its pages are a visual patchwork of uncommon art, essays and excerpts by thinkers, makers and doers from the food underground and beyond."

While we enjoyed the pieces about wild fermentation and the sex life of worms, we were a little bit creeped out by the concept of "human-incubated yogurt," which involves warming up some milk and going to bed cuddled up to it in a jar. But hey! It is a recession, and we've certainly done worse to earn a good breakfast.