Ryan Tate at Valleywag brought up something an SFist reader SFist reader and Boing Boing commenters pointed out: "a horrifying van emerging from the driveway as the Google car drives past" the Garrido house in Antioch.

Shot before Jaycee Lee Dugard escaped captivity, the current hypothesis is that Phillip Garrido, Dugard's rapist and captor who believes that he can control voices, might have followed the camera-laced truck (for six blocks!) in some sort of panic -- as any red-blooded schizophrenic would do. Tate says, "a psycho like Garrido, who thought he could control 'a set of voices' with his mind, would probably have been freaked out by a van festooned with cameras driving by his property even if he didn't have something terrible to hide, which, in any case, he clearly did."

In related Garrido news, he apparently fantasized about raping woman. Ew. Also, he used cocaine and LSD as sexual stimulants, just like everyone at Burning Man is doing right now, so what that has to do with Garrido's sick behavior is anybody's guess.

Check out Valleywag for more shots of the world's scariest van in the history of vehicles used for rape.